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Friday, 21st May 2010
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Japanese council bans facial hair

Authorities in a town in Japan have announced a ban on staff having beards or moustaches, following complaints from local residents, it has been reported.

The local authority in Isesaki, which is in the Gunman prefecture to the north of the capital city, Tokyo, said that some residents have made complaints stating that the facial hair sported by some officials is "unpleasant".

The new ban on facial hair is part of a revamp of office dress rules.

While such a rule may seem odd to many, in Japan facial hair is not commonly seen and it is only recently - in this celebrity age - that beards and moustaches have become an acceptable thing to sport.

The ban includes any type of hair, from whiskers to even the slightest bit of facial stubble.

Speaking about the ban, an official said that "public servants should look like public servants".

Last year, those working for some Japanese rail firms were subjected to smile tests, to make sure their appearance was cheery enough to put passengers at ease.

Written by Mark Smith.