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Wednesday, 19th May 2010
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Japan makes World Cup 2022 bid

Japanese football representatives have promised to wow fans around the world with ultra high-tech coverage of the 2022 World Cup, if it wins the hosting rights.

Chief executive officer of the 2022 bid committee and general secretary of the Japan Football Association Kohzo Tashima said that live 3D telecasts of World Cup games would be shown to 360 million global viewers watching from almost 400 stadiums around the world. The stadiums would be in FIFA member countries and the games broadcast on giant screens.

The committee also promised that to add to the fan's viewing, microphones below the pitch would be able to pick up all of the sounds of the game - from a ball being kicked to the screech of the referee's whistle.

While the technology to carry out the plan could be said by many to "smack of a sci-fi movie" said Keio University professor Jun Murai, people must remember how much technology can advance in 12 years.

Other nations bidding for 2022 include Australia, the UK, Russia and Qatar.

Written by Mark Smith.

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