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Tuesday, 18th May 2010
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Nissan reveals electric car price

Japanese car manufacturer Nissan has announced the price for its new electric car, the Leaf.

The firm has said it will sell the car for £23,350. The Leaf is a compact five seater model powered entirely by electric and is being sold as the world's first mass-produced electric car with no emissions by Nissan.

The Leaf, which stands for leading, environmentally friendly, affordable, family car, will go on sale in parts of Europe later on this year and will be available to buy in the UK and Ireland in February 2011.

According to the Times, the main market for the car, at least at first, is set to be business fleets.

Commenting on the Leaf, production chief at Nissan UK Colin Lawther said: "The sort of people who will be buying the Leaf are what we are calling pragmatic pioneers."

Fellow Japanese manufacturer Toyota currently dominates the world market for electric cars and its Prius model has been the top selling car in Japan for months.

Written by Kimberley Homer.

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