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Thursday, 13th May 2010
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Underwear firm reveals rice-growing bra

Underwear firm Triumph has revealed a fun concept bra which is capable of growing its own rice.

The bra is made of recyclable plastic and when the two cups are tied together, they resemble plant pots. The underwear company said that the idea for the new bra stemmed from a rise in the popularity of farming among those who live in some of Japan's most bustling metropolis.

Spokeswoman Yoshiko Masuda said: "Home kits that allow people to grow their own rice are very popular online. We thought that it would be fun if a bra could give people the same experience."

The pots of the bra can be filled with soil and rice seedlings, which can be watered via a hose. The hose is worn around the bra wearer's waist and the firm noted it can also double as a belt.

Last year, Triumph also revealed a bra with a red LED clock, which was a countdown to the wearer's wedding and only stopped ticking when a wedding ring was inserted into a slot beneath the clock face.

Written by Kimberley Homer.

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