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Friday, 7th May 2010
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Toshiba posts improved figures

Japanese electrical firm Toshiba has revealed a smaller net loss compared to the last financial year, it has been reported.

In the year ending March, the company suffered a group net loss of some 19.74 billion yen, which is significantly smaller than the loss seen the year before, which topped 343 billion yen.

This loss was the biggest ever incurred by Toshiba.

In a statement, the firm said that the good figures can be partly attributed to a healthy semiconductor market.

"Most notably, operating income in the semiconductor business returned to the black, driven in particular by a recovery," reported news agency AFP.

The news source pointed out that Toshiba is the world's second largest maker of NAND flash memory chips, which are often found in electronic devices including MP3 players, phones, cameras and computers.

Japan's economy is facing an ongoing struggle with deflation, as well as the impact of a deep recession.

Written by Kimberley Homer.