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Tuesday, 4th May 2010
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Hatoyama under pressure over US military base

Japanese prime minister Yukio Hatoyama is under increased pressure to solve ongoing disagreements over the relocation of a controversial US military base on Okinawa.

The US Marines' Futenma Air Base has long been an issue between the two nations and in the run up to his election, Hatoyama pledged to move the base from Okinawa altogether. This went against a previous agreement between the nations, made in 2006, which planned to move the base to another location on the island.

Locals welcomed Hatoyama's pledge to completely remove the base, with many saying that the location of the quarters causes pollution and noise in the area.

However, the White House is unwilling to budge on the previous agreement and Hatoyama has now set a May deadline for a decision on the location of the base.

The feud between the countries comes as Hatoyama's popularity continues to spiral downwards in polls. This makes a stark change from when he was first elected, in a landslide victory back in September 2009.

Written by Kimberley Homer.

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