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Tuesday, 27th April 2010
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Electric taxis trialled in Tokyo

A number of electric taxis have been released onto the streets of Tokyo as part of a trial.

US firm Better Place is trialling four custom-built electric taxis in the city in a bid to encourage Japan to work on developing electric vehicles with rechargeable batteries which cab be used as taxis.

Japan is already at the forefront of the electric car sector and its largest car marker, Toyota, makes the world's most popular hybrid vehicle, the Prius.

Chief executive of Better Place Shai Agassi said that when the firm first presented the idea of chargeable car batteries, many in the car industry were unconvinced.

"Today, it is not only possible, but it is a solution that serves taxis that pick people up in the street," he told Y Net News.

The Financial Times noted that Japan may be a good place to start trialling the batteries, as the city of Tokyo alone has more cabs than London, Paris and New York combined.

Written by Kimberley Homer.

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