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Monday, 12th April 2010
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Japanese whaling ships back in port

A number of Japanese whaling ships have returned back to port after the recent whaling season came to an end.

The Nisshin Maru - the main boat in the country's whaling fleet and the vessel responsible for bringing back most of the caught whales - was the final boat to return to Tokyo harbour this morning (April 12th).

On the way back into port, some of the fleet were once again confronted by activists from the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. During this year's hunt, boats from the conservation group have regularly attempted to interfere with the whaling.

One activist was arrested after managing to board one of the whaling ships in the middle of the night, via a jet ski.

According to the Japanese government, the whaling expeditions taken by the country are in the name of scientific research. Commercial whaling hunts have been banned all over the world since the mid 1980s.

Written by Mark Smith.