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Friday, 9th April 2010
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Japan and US meet over beef imports

Agriculture ministers from Japan and the US have met to discuss restrictions which the Asian nation currently has on beef imports from the States.

Officials in Japan had been concerned that beef imported from the US might be infected with BSE and for the past three years all imports of US beef aged over 20 months have been banned.

Both countries attempted to resolve the situation some years ago but the talks stalled.

The US is urging Japan to relax its current ban but Japan seems reluctant to move away from its current position.

Former president George W Bush and current leader Barack Obama have both asked Japan to completely remove importing restrictions but during the upcoming talks, agriculture minister from the US Tom Vilsack is expected to attempt to compromise with the offer of a ban on cattle aged less than 30 months.

Japan has eased its restrictions in the past but once again put them in place after some shipments of veal were found to contain banned meat.

Relations between the two nations are already strained over a controversial US army base in Japan.

Written by Mark Smith.

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