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Tuesday, 6th April 2010
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Japanese dieter shows off interesting slimming technique

A woman in Japan trying to keep slim has shown off her interesting way of keeping the pounds off - by making miniature versions of her favourite sweet treats.

Keiko Yamamatsu claims to have lost four stone 10 pounds by following her odd diet, which sees her make smaller, plastic versions of the puddings she likes to eat the most.

Models made by the dieter include knickerbocker glories and other ice cream-based desserts.

According to a report on Rex USA, she first began to think about making the models when finding it hard to resist her favourite ice cream treats. After developing diabetes due to overindulging in her favourite frozen food, she came up with the odd dieting plan.

Now, Ms Yamamatsu has shed almost five stone by eating the mini versions of the ice cream desserts instead of real life puddings, she says.

Japanese men and women often have a high life expectancy due to the healthy diets, rich in fish and low fat food, followed by many of them.

Written by Mark Smith.