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Friday, 19th March 2010
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Nissan expands electric car output

Japanese car manufacturer Nissan has announced it is to begin building electric cars at a plant in the UK.

The Leaf electric motor will be made at the firm's Sunderland plant, which is being overhauled to make it capable of producing the eco-friendly vehicle.

Nissan has announced it plans to spend some £420 million on going green and producing efficient cars and the plant has also been given a grant of £20.7 million from the UK government.

The plans have been met with relief in the area, where jobs have been under threat as a result of the economic downturn, which has hit the motor industry hard.

Sunderland worker Eric du Bois told the Mirror: "It's bringing in new technology and to be the first to introduce the new generation of cars is brilliant for the area and industry in England."

Japan's car sector has been under strain recently as Toyota, Nissan and Honda have all been forced to recall cars over safety fears.

Written by Mark Smith.

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