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Wednesday, 17th March 2010
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Japanese monkeys caught on camera

A wildlife photographer has captured a group of monkeys playing in the snow in the mountains of Japan.

Pictures published in the Daily Mail showed a group of macaque monkeys taken by amateur snapper Masashi Mochida who took the pictures during a break to the Nagano province of Japan this winter.

One of the monkeys appears to be making a snowball to throw at another animal.

He referred to the animals as "funky monkeys" and noted that many Japanese people also love to watch the monkeys play like he does.

"When I watch them I think they look a lot like children playing and it amazes me how they are so similar to us," Mr Mochida said.

The pictures were taken at Jigokudani Monkey Park in central Japan, which opened in 1964 and is covered by snow for much of the year.

Visitors to Japan can head to the monkey park to watch the famous snow monkeys in their natural habitat, which has an average temperature of minus 10 degrees Celsius.

Written by Kimberley Homer.