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Friday, 12th March 2010
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Toyota hit by further problems

Japanese car manufacturer Toyota has been hit by a further scandal after it emerged that a worker's union attempted to alert the firm to safety problems back in 2006.

The car marque, which is the world's biggest maker of vehicles, has been forced to recall millions of cars around the world over potentially faulty brakes and other issues.

Toyota boss Akio Toyoda has publically apologised for the safety issues and was also called to appear before US Congress to explain the problems, which have been a blow to Toyota - a firm that has made a name for itself on the back of the safety of its cars.

Now, a two-page memo written by a number of long-term Toyota employees has come to light.

Written in 2006, the note accuses the firm of making "safety sacrifices" in order to bolster profits.

The memo was sent to Toyota's president at the time, Katsuaki Watanabe, and warned of cuts to thorough safety checks which were once the norm at the firm.

Written by Mark Smith.

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