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Thursday, 4th March 2010
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Girl's Day marked in Japan

Japan's annual Girl's Day has been held in the country this week.

The Hina Matsuri festival, which translates into doll festival, is held to give Japanese girls a chance to show off their personal doll collections and events were held yesterday (March 3rd) all across Japan.

The collecting of dolls is a big part of Japanese culture and figures from the Japan Dolls Association published on Asia One suggested that more than 90 per cent of people planned to mark the special day in some way.

Speaking to the source, director of doll making firm Kyugetsu Shigemitsu Sakajiri said that giving dolls to children is always popular in Japan.

"Hina dolls are a way for parents to show their love and as a wish for their daughters' health and happiness. So, it's a different mindset from, say, celebrating with a birthday cake," he said.

Mr Sakajiri also said that the economic downturn has not impacted the sale of dolls as the market is "outside of general consumption".

Written by Kimberley Homer.

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