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Friday, 26th February 2010
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Japan's "fish obsession" highlighted

Japan is a nation "obsessed" with fish, it has been noted, and eats around ten per cent of all the world's seafood.

Writing for the BBC, Jill Marshall commented that eating fish is a "national obsession" for the Japanese, a nation who manage to consume a tenth of the world's fish while only making up two per cent of its overall population.

"In Tokyo's Tsukiji market - the world's largest - they trade more than 400 different types of seafood, from wriggling eels to 300kg tuna," she said.

She noted that at the moment, the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) is attempting to move into the Japanese fishing market to regulate and certify its fisheries for sustainability.

However, many Japanese interviewed by Alvin Hall, business expert, for the article had either not heard of the MSC or were unsure about its role, which it was noted could make the MSC's job much more difficult.

Sashimi, or raw fish, is one of the most popular types of Japanese seafood and it is a delicacy that has also proved popular in sushi bars around the world.

Written by Kimberley Homer.