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Wednesday, 24th February 2010
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Toyota urged 'be serious' over car problems

Japanese vehicle manufacturer Toyota has been warned that it must take future car fault issues more seriously, it has been reported.

The Japanese government said that should other issues arise over safety, the firm should accept the gravity of the situation and also put effort in to resorting people's trust, the Times reported.

The comments came ahead of the president of Toyota Aki Toyoda appearing before US Congress. The firm is under criminal investigation in the US, where faults with its cars are thought to have caused or contributed to at least 30 deaths.

Speaking before congress, Toyota US executive James Lentz is due to say: "Put simply, it has taken us too long to come to grips with a rare but serious set of safety issues, despite all of our good faith efforts."

One of the main criticisms of the firm handling of the safety scandal was a slow response from the company president, who did not speak in public for some time after the incident.

Written by Mark Smith.

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