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Tuesday, 16th February 2010
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Japanese football coach under fire

The coach of the Japanese national football team, Takeshi Okada, has come under fire from fans and officials over the team's recent lacklustre performance against South Korea.

After the team was beaten 3-1 in a match on Sunday (February 14th) Japanese football fans have called for Okada to be sacked. The defeat saw Japan finish third out of four nations in the East Asian football championship.

Speaking to reporters after the defeat, Okada said he "humbly accepted" his criticism.

"I am sincerely sorry for not winning at home," he said.

As well as losing to South Korea - who are seen as Japan's main rivals in the Asian football world - Japan had a goalless draw against China, a team who are lower ranked on the world stage. Japan beat the Hong Kong team last week, scoring three goals to Hong Kong's zero.

The third place ranking at the event has led to concerns over Okada's competence at leading the team to the upcoming World Cup.

Written by Mark Smith.