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Tuesday, 16th February 2010
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Japanese skaters scoop silver and bronze

The Japanese male skating team are celebrating after scooping the silver and bronze medals in the 500-metre speed event at the Winter Olympics in Vancouver.

This is the first time that the team have got medals in the event since the 2002 Winter Games, which were held in Salt Lake City.

Keiichiro Nagashima won the silver medal in the event, with teammate Joji Kato, 25, scooping third place and a bronze award.

Nagashima, who is 27, skated into second place with a time of 34.876 seconds in the second race, almost a second faster than in his first attempt.

The gold winner in the 500-metre speed skating was South Korean competitor Mo Tae-bum.

The Associated Press reported that the event got off to a troubled start, with a delay of an hour caused by technical problems with ice-resurfacing machines.

A Japanese skateboarder was forced to miss the opening ceremony of the Games this weekend after his sloppy dress sense annoyed officials.

Written by Kimberley Homer.