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Monday, 15th February 2010
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Japanese snowboarder under fire for baggy trousers

A snowboarder on the Japanese Winter Olympics team has been criticised for his attire at his arrival in Canada for the games, which officially began over the weekend.

Kazuhiro Kokubo, who is 21, was pictured at both Tokyo and Vancouver airports with his Olympic suit shirt untucked and his trousers worn low on his hips, which led to raised eyebrows both in his home country and Canada.

Members of the public complained about his dress and he was then banned from attending the opening ceremony of the games, as were two of the snowboarding team's coaches.

Kokubo caused further controversy when he appeared to react sarcastically to criticism and promised to "reflect" on his actions in a tone which some reporters deemed to be inappropriate.

Later, speaking at a press conference, he said: "I am sorry for causing trouble for so many people. I feel great responsibility for that."

Japan has so far won no medals the games, but is being tipped for success in the women's figure skating.

Written by Kimberley Homer.