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Thursday, 11th February 2010
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Japanese minister apologises for Korean rule

The foreign minister of Japan has apologised for the country's colonial rule of Korea between 1910 and 1945, calling the period "tragic".

Speaking during a press conference, Katsuya Okada said that he could "fully understand" why many people in Korea feel angry over the rule and also said that the victims of the 35-year period should not be forgotten.

"I think it was a tragic incident for Koreans when they were deprived of their nation and identity," he said.

Mr Okada also expressed hope for a good relationship between the two nations in the coming years and urged both countries to push past issues aside and focus on the future.

In the past, Japan has been heavily criticised for its behaviour over events which took place during the second world war.

During the Korean rule by Japan, many Koreans were drafted into the army to fight or were sent to work in labour camps.

Written by Kimberley Homer.