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Tuesday, 9th February 2010
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Toyota recalls more models

Japanese car manufacturer Toyota has announced further recalls today (February 9th).

The firm said it will recall more than 220,000 hybrid cars as part of ongoing investigations and recalls due to a number of different safety concerns.

There have been complaints from customers over several Toyota models, with some having issues with braking at low speed and others complaining of faulty footwell mats and problems with electric windows.

Now, Toyota will recall 223,000 cars in Japan. As well as this, a document obtained by news outlet Reuters suggested that the hybrid car callback could be extended to include 436,000 cars around the world.

The cars to be recalled are the Prius, the Lexus HS250h and the Sai sedan.

Commenting on the situation, Christopher Richter, auto analyst at CLSA Asia Pacific Markets, said that the firm can win back trust by fixing the problems.

However, he echoed the opinions of a number of analysts who criticised Toyota for reacting slowly to the various safety issues.

"Listening to management now, I think they still think there isn't a real problem with the Prius," he noted.

Written by Kimberley Homer.

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