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Thursday, 4th February 2010
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Activist leaves Japanese airport after protest

A Chinese activist who has been living at Japan's Narita International Airport since November last year has finally been allowed to return home.

Feng Zhenghu was being held in the airport after the ruling Chinese Communist Party said he was not allowed to return to China due to his views on human rights in his home nation.

Speaking to a reporter from the Sound of Hope, Mr Feng said: "I don't think the Chinese government will create such a situation again; I hope there won't be such a stupid thing in future as blocking a citizen from entering the country… once is enough."

He has spent the last 90 days sleeping on an airport bench and his plight has attracted worldwide focus. His Twitter account now has some 14,000 followers.

Commenting on being able to leave the airport, he told the Guardian he was looking forward to visiting his mother, who is 90.

Written by Kimberley Homer.