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Wednesday, 3rd February 2010
In Japan Entertainment News,

Microsoft launches Japan-only Xbox 360

A new 250 GB hard-disk drive for the Xbox 360 console will be available exclusively to Japanese consumers, according to a spokesperson for Microsoft.

Kei Iwasaki noted that the drive - which more than doubles the current 120 GB hard drive currently available with the Xbox Elite - would not be sold as a stand-alone unit outside of the country.

The new add-on will be available to Japanese gamers from March 11th and will be able to store downloaded TV shows, movies and software.

In the UK, consumers can choose between the 256 MB Xbox Arcade and the Xbox Elite - the latter of which comes complete with a headset.

Both consoles feature a wireless controller and HDMI output - a cable for this is sold separately.

Users can also use the Xbox Live Marketplace to purchase add-ons for their games

Written by Kimberley Homer.

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