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Monday, 25th January 2010
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Japan discusses trade agreement with Asian nations

Japanese leaders are set to meet with representatives from China and South Korea to discuss the establishment of a trade pact between the three nations.

According to reports, the meeting is due to take place tomorrow (January 25th), and leaders will be discussing research over a potential free trade agreement.

Speaking to AFP, a representative from South Korea said that the meeting is preliminary event to establish joint research on a trade agreement.

The three nations previously met in mid-October last year and agreed to begin talks on a pact.

Japan already has trade links with nations including the UK, Australia, and other Asian nations such as China.

Its main exports are vehicles and electrical products. Japanese car marque Toyota is the world's largest car firm and the country is also home to a number of well-known vehicle companies such as Nissan, Mazda and Kawasaki. It also boasts electrical firms including Sony, Canon, Epson, Denon and Fuji.

Written by Kimberley Homer.

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