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Monday, 11th January 2010
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Japanese ink festival takes place

A traditional Japanese festival which sees people paint their faces with black ink has taken place in the west of the country.

A video on the BBC website showed a large group of people, with their faces painted, carrying a float decorated with a traditional Japanese pagoda and smearing ink on the faces of those gathered to watch the procession.

The footage was filmed at a temple in the Shimane prefecture of Japan and is part of a festival which the Japanese believe can help people have good health.

According to the source, the black ink used in the festival was made from a mix of alcohol and charcoal.

Writing with black ink is a method traditionally associated with Japan and many other parts of Asia.

Another Japanese festival which participants believe can help bring about good health is the Nakizumo, or the crying sumo event, which sees children encouraged to cry louder than other youngsters to ensure their personal wellbeing.

Written by Kimberley Homer.