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Wednesday, 24th December 2008
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Turning Japanese at Christmas?

Brits are being urged to wrap their Christmas presents in the traditional Japanese style - using old pieces of cloth and fabric.

The government's Waste and Resources Action Programme is recommending the method, known as furoshiki, as an answer to the problem of non-recyclable wrapping paper, reports the Associated Press.

Peter Ainsworth, the opposition environment spokesman, said the idea was "going too far", despite the onset of the recession.

He commented: "Rather than sending messages to the public that are likely to be met with a Christmas raspberry, the government should be helping industry to invest in the facilities to process waste efficiently."

The agency's website also includes tips on making the best use of the furoshiki techniques, as well as how to make a bag using the method.

Special cloth is traditionally bought in Japan for wrapping presents.

Techniques include otsukai tsutsumi (basic wrap), the yotsu musubi (four tie wrap) and the suika tsutsumi (watermelon wrap).

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