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Wednesday, 30th December 2009
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Japan reveals economic strategy

The Japanese prime minister Yukio Hatoyama has announced a number of targets of growth for the country's economy, after it suffered its worst recession since the end of the second world war this year.

In a speech at a news conference, Hatoyama set a target of more than two per cent growth in the Japanese economy over the next ten years and also announced plans to create millions of jobs.

He told the conference he is "determined" to achieve the economic goals, which also include new demand for products and services and the development of green technology such as low-fuel vehicles.

Japanese manufacturer Toyota already produces the hybrid Prius car, which has been the top selling car in the country for a number of months.

Despite the new plans, popularity for Hatoyama - whose government has only been in power since August - seems to be waning and has now fallen to below 50 per cent in opinion polls, from a previous high of more than 70 per cent.

Written by Graham McPherson.