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Wednesday, 23rd December 2009
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Japan 'accepting messages to Venus'

Although few people might have friends and family on Venus, Japan is currently accepting messages to be taken their on its upcoming space voyage.

The AKATSUKI Message Campaign is being extended by the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), giving those keen to send a missive to the inner planet a further two weeks in which to do so.

Originally scheduled to close to applications on December 25th, messages can now be sent in up until January 10th, 2010.

Messages can be submitted on the JAXA website - which will also accept names to be included on the journey with no message specified.

A downloadable certificate of participation is made available to each individual who submits their name or message.

Entire schools have also been allowed to take part, with their messages submitted as a group in some cases.

Although Venus is a planet, it is known in Japanese culture as the "bright star" and is due to be visited by the Venus Climate Orbiter following its scheduled 2010 launch date.

Written by Mark Smith

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