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Tuesday, 22nd December 2009
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'Now is the time' for a memorable trip

People intending to take the trip of a lifetime to Japan could find now is the perfect moment to begin planning.

Government advisory website Directgov explains that the new year period is ideal for such preparations - and provides a shortlist of considerations.

They include issues relating to baggage, which may be particularly pertinent to long-haul flights such as those that take UK passengers directly to Japan.

Cultural differences should also be researched, according to Directgov, to avoid committing any kind of etiquette faux pas while abroad.

With the new year looming large on the nation's calendars, the advisory service suggests that "now's the time" to take action on such issues.

Meanwhile, people planning to move to Japan on a more permanent basis are also offered guidance on the issues they may face.

Directgov suggests that healthcare is subject to a number of concerns, including the need for health insurance and to inform relevant medical professionals before leaving the UK.

Written by Susan Ballion