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Friday, 18th December 2009
In Japan Entertainment News,

Final Fantasy sells more than a million in first day

The latest edition in the Final Fantasy video game series has sold more than a million copies on its first day of release in Japan.

According to figures from game manufacturer Square Enix, sales on the first day of release "exceeded one million", with stores across Japan opening their doors in the early hours of yesterday (December 17th) so that video-game fans could pick up a copy of the much-anticipated release on the way to work.

Video game news source CVG noted that the figures showed the game "basically sold out immediately".

The actual number of copies sold is set to be bigger than the initial figures however, as these do not take into account any copies of the game which were sold as part of a bundle package with the Sony Playstation 3 console.

The first release in the Final Fantasy series came out in 1987 and the franchise has proved one of the most popular gaming sagas of all time.

Written by Kimberley Homer.

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