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Tuesday, 15th December 2009
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Gaming firm announces new controllers

Japanese gaming giant Nintendo has announced it is to make its Wii controllers in two new colours.

As of next year, the firm will make its Wii remote available in pink and blue, with the new controls to be released on Valentine's Day (February 14th).

The new remotes will be sold as part of the Wii MotionPlus bundle set and follow the release of new black Wii remotes for the North American market.

At the same time as announcing the new remotes, the firm revealed a number of new games which it will be releasing in 2010, which include a wide range of new Pokemon offerings - Pokemon SoulSilver Version and Pokemon HeartGold Version.

Earlier this month, Nintendo announced the release of a number of downloadable games for the Wii.

In total, the company released 11 titles including Ball Fighter, Pop Island, My Dolphin and the first version of the classic game Rayman.

Written by Kimberley Homer.