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Monday, 29th December 2008
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Computer glitch disrupts bullet trains

The New Year travel plans of thousands of people in Japan were disrupted by a glitch in the computer system on which the country's bullet trains rely.

Engineers worked throughout the night to fix the problem which came after a day of strong winds and heavy snow, reports AFP.

Long queues formed at Tokyo Central Station as passengers attempted to change their reservations. As a result, later trains were packed with people.

An official commented: "We are investigating whether there was a problem with the system itself or the way in which we made the input."

New Year's Day is one of the most important celebrations in Japan.

Millions of people are expected to descend on Buddhist shrines to celebrate ganjitsu on January 1st.

The biggest crowds are likely to be seen at the Meiju Jingu Shrine, the Kawasaki Diashi Shrine and the Sensoji Temple.