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Monday, 14th December 2009
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Eco-friendly home opens doors in Japan

A futuristic eco-friendly house has been opened in Tokyo Bay in Japan this week.

The home has been created by Japanese electronics firm Panasonic and features energy saving measures such as solar panels, lithium-ion batteries for electricity and hot water pipes under the floors which are also used to heat the home from the bottom up.

Sensors in the property can "follow" people around the home and blast out either warm or cool air, depending on the person's preference.

Company group president Fumio Ohtsubo further explained: "If the person leaves for the kitchen, the lights there can turn on, while the [living room] lights, air-con and television all turn off thanks to sensors that detect human presence, temperature and lighting."

The Japanese home also has intelligent appliances, such as a washing machine that uses half the water of a normal machine by tilting the drum during use.

Panasonic recently purchased a majority stake in fellow electronic firm Sanyo.

Written by Kimberley Homer.

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