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Tuesday, 1st December 2009
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Car sales rise in Japan

Car sales have risen in Japan for the fourth month in a row, new figures have shown.

According to statistics published by the Japan Automobile Dealers Association, sales of cars, trucks and buses were up by 36 per cent this month, with sales from Toyota and Honda responsible for much of the rise.

In total, 293,410 new vehicles were sold in November, which is up from the 263,506 cars, trucks and buses sold in the same month in 2009.

Toyota managed to shift some 147,513 cars this month, which is up 39 per cent compared to the car marque's sales in November 2009.

Nissan also enjoyed a rise in sales of 33 per cent on last year's figures.

Speaking to Bloomberg, analyst at auto consulting company CSM Worldwide Yoshiaki Kawano said: "Sales last year fell at increasingly faster rates after Lehman collapsed in September, so the year-on-year comparisons will continue to be very positive."

Written by Graham McPherson.

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