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Tuesday, 1st December 2009
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Michael Moore heads to Tokyo on promotion tour

Film maker and activist Michael Moore has arrived in Tokyo as part of a tour to promote his new film about capitalism.

He held a press conference at the Tokyo Stock Exchange and discussed the film - called Capitalism: A Love Story - which aims to look at "the disastrous impact of corporate dominance on the everyday lives of Americans".

Previous films by Moore include Sicko and Fahrenheit: 9/11.

At the press conference, Moore had praise for the "traditional values" seen in Japan, reported the AFP, but also urged the country to steer clear of becoming too much like the US.

"As much as I like America, quit being like us. Be Japan," he said.

Moore also told the conference that he had lost his luggage on his journey to Japan and quipped that one of his first ports of call on arrival in the country had been a clothing shop "popular with sumo wrestlers".

Written by Mark Smith.