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Friday, 27th November 2009
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Japanese debate attracts large crowds

Large numbers of Japanese people have attended a question and answer debate with a number of politicians, it has been reported.

According to the Associated Press, people "flocked" to the event, which was held at a gymnasium in Tokyo and was aimed at giving the Japanese a chance to ask those in charge about the recently announced financial budget requests they have put forward.

Among those being questioned was defense ministry official Toru Horichi, reported the source, who it noted looked "exhausted and deflated" after being grilled.

"The proceedings, which wrapped up Friday, are an experiment with a more open - and some would say sloppy - form of democracy. Some have criticised them as too hasty or a publicity stunt, though surveys show widespread public support," noted the news provider.

Japan has recently had a change of government, with new president Yukio Hatoyama voted into power back in the August elections.

Written by Mark Smith.