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Tuesday, 24th November 2009
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Hitachi announces UK plans

Japanese firm Hitachi has announced it is to move into the UK train building market.

Under plans revealed today (November 24th), the firm will manufacturer railway carriages to be used on British tracks. The trains will replace existing high-speed models and are expected to be completed by 2018, a spokesperson for the group told AFP.

In total, Hitachi plans to build 1,400 hybrid carriages which will be run on lithium-ion batteries and will have diesel engines.

The deal is set to be finalised by March next year, reports suggest.

Hitachi manufactures a wide range of products and makes the famous high-speed bullet trains in Japan.

It is also involved with a deal involving making trains which run on the Great Western and East Coast main lines, as well as the manufacture of around 170 train carriages to be used in the Channel Tunnel linking the UK with France.

Following the announcement, shares in Hitachi rose on the Japanese stock exchange.

Written by Kimberley Homer.