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Friday, 20th November 2009
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Japanese bank seeks to reverse falling birth rate

Workers at a banking group in Japan have been given permission to clock off two hours early for some time with their spouse - in a bid to try and reverse the country's dramatically reducing birth rate.

According to the Times, those who work for Mitsubishi UFJ were emailed and given permission to leave work at 17:00 local time, instead of 19:00 local time, which they usually work to.

"The national birth rate is low, ran the round-robin e-mail that landed in people's in-boxes on Monday, so let's all enjoy "family time"," reported the newspaper.

Speaking to the Times, a woman who works on the trading floor for the bank in Tokyo said that while the firm is "constantly telling" its staff to do certain things, but this is the first incident of the company seemingly encouraging its staff to reproduce.

Japan has been suffering with a depressed birth rate and fertility rate for some time. It also has one of the world's oldest populations and a large chunk of the population is aged over 65.

Written by Kimberley Homer.