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Wednesday, 3rd September 2008
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Koike: Japan's first female PM?

Former television presenter, defence minister and environment minister Yuriko Koike has emerged as a potential challenger for the position of prime minister vacated by Yasuo Fukuda.

When asked if she would consider running for the top job, Ms Koike told reporters recently: "I want to consider what we need in general, rather than my own individual situation I'm contacting various people since you can't play a baseball game all by yourself."

Outgoing prime minister Yasuo Fukuda tendered his resignation on Monday (September 1st).

Born in 1952, Ms Koike is currently a member of Japan's House of Representatives and previously worked as an anchorwoman on TV Tokyo's World Business Satellite.

Before becoming a member of the Liberal Democratic Party, she belonged to the Japan New Party, the New Frontier Party, the Liberal Party and the New Conservative Party.

She left her post as minister of defence after just 54 days in office citing a scandal involving an information leak.

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