Ryokan dinner

There's no such thing as a dinner menu in a ryokan; instead prepare yourself for a banquet of beautifully presented, regional & seasonal specialities.

Along with hot spring baths, the highlight of a stay at any ryokan (traditional Japanese inn) is a kaiseki style dinner. Reflecting Japanese haute-cuisine, this is usually a multi-course affair including a dozen or so tiny dishes of locally-sourced ingredients in a seasonal menu. In Takayama your ryokan dinner is sure to include the regional speciality, Hida beef.

Inevitably, a ryokan dinner is a large meal so it's ok if you don't eat everything. Rice is often served towards the end of the meal - if you have any room left! The advantage to having many individual dishes is that if you don't like one thing, there will be plenty else you can enjoy. Dinner menus and ingredients are often prepared well in advance so please be sure to notify us of any dietary requirements before your holiday begins.

Dinner is may be served privately in your ryokan room on in a communal dining room - depending on whether you're part of a group tour or an independent trip. The mealtime is agreed on check-in, usually between 6 or 7pm. Cotton kimono robes known as yukata are provided at the ryokan which most guests wear during dinner.

Ryokan dinner

located in Takayama

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