Modern sport in Japan

Japanese sport is not just about the sumo.

The Japanese work incredibly long hours so when they have a little leisure time they want to enjoy it as much as possible. That's why their approach to sport in unique: rather than venting their frustrations at the referee and taunting the oppostion, the Japanese simply want to forget their worries and have fun.

Picture the scene at the beginning of a football match as the away team comes onto the field. Do the home team hiss? Boo? No! With the encouragement of their mascot, they help the away fans sing their anthem! As they say, only in Japan. The most popular modern sport by far in Japan is baseball. Introduced by the Americans in the early 20th century and taken to heart by the Japanese almost immediately, hundreds of thousands attend games on a daily basis.

InsideJapan can arrange football and baseball tickets throughout the sporting seasons. If planned in advance we can also book tickets to the F1 Japanese Grand Prix. And if you're more of a participator than a spectator, we may be able to arrange a place in the Tokyo or Kyoto marathons.

  • Tokyo Marathon

    Join 30,000 runners on Tokyo's fantastic marathon course, tried and tested by our very own Harry Sargant!

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  • J-League football

    Join enthusiastic Japanese football fans chanting for their favourite team at a J. League match.

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  • Baseball

    The Japanese love their baseball and it's a lot of fun to join the supporters at a home game.

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