Neon lights of Shinjuku

The Tokyo of the films; an urban jungle of fluorescent neon stretching high into the sky.

Ah the bright neon-spangled skyscrapers of Shinjuku! This is the Tokyo of the imagination with flashing kanji signs, screaming pachinko parlours, karaoke bars, cat cafés, department stores, restaurants and izakaya all straining for space and rising skywards from the busy streets below.

Whether you start or end your trip in Tokyo, an evening wandering through Shinjuku is a must. Away from the main streets, there are lots of pedestrian areas where Tokyoites shop through the evening or while away the small hours in tiny standing bars, or slurp noodles from streetside shacks. Want to see it all from above? Escape the madness for a little while and take a lift for free to the top of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office to see all that neon sparkling fluorescent beneath you.

Neon lights of Shinjuku

located in Tokyo

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    Our original great value Japan tour

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