Kyushu Seven Stars

Move over Orient Express - this luxury sleepr train combines beautiful, wood-clad carriages, luxurious cabins and French-Japanese fusion cuisine.

The Kyushu Seven Stars train journey is a celebration of Kyushu Island - known for its dramatic volcanoes, bubbling hot springs, balmy climate and delicious ramen noodles. Each cabin-suite features individually designed features, there are expansive windows from which to watch the Kyushu countryside pass by, and the golden Seven Stars logo subtly incorporated into every aspect of design - from the coffee cups at breakfast to the screws in the walls.

The three night four day train journey starts and finishes in Fukuoka, taking in the mountains of Yufuin, Kagoshima City beneath the smoking crater of Sakurajima volcano and the fabulous scenery of the Aso caldera. The first and third nights are spent aboard the train, while on night two you'll transfer to a gorgeous traditional ryokan in Kirishima National Park.

Kyushu Seven Stars

located in Fukuoka

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