Hozugawa boat ride

Hozugawa boat ride

Take a trip down the Hozu River in Kyoto's stunning Arashiyama district.

The scenery of the Hozu River is spectacular, particularly in mid November when the autumn colours are at their peak. The ride itself is spectacular and in mid November the autumn colours should be at their absolute peak. The river twists and turns down a steep sided valley, white water cascading over the rocks in the shallower parts as the wooden boat is rowed, punted and steered down stream by your three boatmen. The guys work hard for their pay - at times it is exhausting just watching them!

There is all manner of wildlife to spot along the way including black eyed hawks, deer, monkeys, heron and cormorants. The ride time is usually around 80 minutes but this does vary depending on the flow of the river - if there has been heavy rainfall in the preceding couple of days then you will cover the distance quite a bit faster.

Hozugawa boat ride

located in Kyoto

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