Driving in Japan

Driving in Japan

Getting out on the open road is a great way to explore Japan, especially the more rural parts of the country where trains are less convenient.

Driving in Japan is straightforward and very possible for non-Japanese speakers: Japan drives on the left, all major roads signs are in English, roads are very well maintained and, on the whole, local driving standards are excellent with all cars obeying the rules of the road (as one would expect in Japanese society!) .
Not only does driving give you the freedom to explore the diverse scenery of the country by scaling breathtaking mountain roads, winding along coastal routes or navigating through rural villages, it also allows you to view Japanese life from a different perspective seeing scenes you wouldn't necessary encounter by train. When one driver does a good deed towards another it is acknowledged by a simple bow of the head rather than a flash of the headlights or raising of a hand. It is impossible to miss road works as they are surrounded by more neon lights than Tokyo's Shinjuku district and you will be astounded by the impeccable service at gas stations.
InsideJapan will happily include car rental as part of your trip if more economical and convenient than taking a train. We will ensure that you will find getting around by car simple and enjoyable. In order to drive in Japan it is VITAL that you obtain an International Drivers Permit (IDP) before you travel. This permit can easily be obtained in most countries; ask us for details.

Driving in Japan

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    Discover splendid mountain scenery and hot spring towns in this intrepid driving itinerary along the famous Romantic Road.

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