Steam locomotives

Steam locomotives

First introduced into Japan in 1872, it's hard to visualise how steam trains eventually transmorphed over time into the bullet train.

Although super modern trains such as the bullet train have their advantages, they fail to provide the same romance as steam locomotives. There is something extremely warming about the billowing smoke, the unmistakable steam whistle, lavish interiors of a bygone age and the comforting rhythm of wheels rolling along the track. Travelling by steam train is the perfect escape from the pressures and fast pace of modern life and another way to experience the endless list of juxtapositions Japan creates between tradition and modernity. 
There are currently nine lines with steam operations in Japan which include the SL Yamaguchi-go through the rural countryside between Yamaguchi and Tsuwano and the SL Asoboy which operates between Kumamoto and Miyaji near volcanic Mount Aso in Kyushu. InsideJapan are more than happy to include a steam train journey to your package should you wish. 

When to go: Please be aware that steam train journeys are only available at weekends.

Steam locomotives

Available throughout Japan

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