Festival of the Ages

Festival of the Ages

In October Kyoto stages a gracious parade of citizens wearing period costumes reflecting the city's mighty history.

The last of Kyoto's three most important annual festivals takes place in October and dates back to 1868 when the capital city and therefore the Emperor moved from Kyoto to Tokyo. Fearing that Kyoto's former glory would be lost forever, the citizens

built Heian Shrine to honour the Emperor and staged the first Jidai Matsuri. Literally ?the festival of the ages', today 2,000 Kyoto citizens take part in the 2km procession dressed in traditional costumes that reflect the various ages of Kyoto's mighty history. This time honoured event offers a unique glimpse into the Kyoto psyche; among the skyscrapers and modern businesses, traditional Japanese culture is fiercely maintained.

InsideJapan can arrange reserved seat tickets in a prime spot on the procession route so you can enjoy the festival in comfort with a perfect view.

When to go: This festival takes place on 22nd October every year.

Festival of the Ages

located in Kyoto

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