Awa Odori dance festival

Head to Tokushima for the most famous and boisterous of Shikoku's summer dance festivals.

In August Shikoku Island comes alive with dance festivals, the most famous of which takes place in Tokushima. Here the festival which lasts for three days is called the Awa Odori; Awa is an old name for Tokushima Prefecture while odori means dance.
The highlight of the festival is an evening parade of thousands of dancers divided into groups each dancing their own repeated moves through the city streets. Some groups also play traditional instruments and each team has a different uniform of colourful yukata (light cotton kimono) and happi jackets and shorts.
Can't make it to Tokushima in August? Fear not, daily dances are performed for visitors to the Awa Odori Kaikan museum along with information exhibits about the festival. A cable car runs from the museum to the summit of Mount Bizan for great views across Tokushima City.

When to go: 12th to 15th August

Awa Odori dance festival

located in Tokushima

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