Transport in Japan

From the bullet train to Tokyo's amazing subway system, transport in Japan is a dream.

In terms of transport, Japan lives up to its reputation as a model of efficiency. Tokyo's subway system is probably the best and most extensive in the world, overground trains run on time to the millisecond, the bullet train can reach speeds of up to 320 kph (200 mph) - and as if that wasn't enough, a Maglev track to run between Tokyo and Nagoya at speeds of up to 500 kph (about 300 mph) has just been given the go-ahead. In case you were wondering, that'll make it the fastest train in the world by a country mile.

Besides trains, Japan boasts an excellent network of local buses, affordable and comfortable highway buses, cable cars, funicular railways, ferries, taxis, helicopters and hire cars - in fact, you can even catch a pirate ship across Lake Ashi!

Transport is one of the aspects of travel in Japan that our customers tend to worry most about. How will you know which train to catch, and from which platform? What happens if your ferry is cancelled? Thankfully, there's no need to worry. Each of our customers receives a personalised Info-Pack tailored just for them, with exact train times, platforms, maps and directions so that getting from A to B couldn't be simpler.

And if your plans should go awry? Our Japan office is staffed with English speakers who are available around the clock to make sure that you never need to panic.

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