Green tea harvesting

Green tea harvesting

Help out on the farm by picking some of Japan's finest green tea leaves.

Japanese life revolves around the drinking of green tea or obubu as it is known in the Kyoto dialect. Rural Kyoto prefecture is home to one of the most famous tea farms in Japan. The area has been producing tea for over 800 years and at an average cost of around 14,000yen per kilogram, the tea grown here is some of Japan's most expensive!
We can arrange a full day visit to the farm where you will join a small group to take a tour of the plantation followed by the chance to pick your own tea leaves. Traditional wooden baskets are provided and staff will show you the best parts of the leaf to pick. Remember that this is tea-leaf gold so be sure to carefully place the leaves in your basket!
A green tea inspired lunch follows including some amazing tea leaf tempura and then in the afternoon you will get to work roasting and kneading the leaves in order to get them ready for a delicious cup of ocha. You will also create the perfect accompaniment: green tea ochazuke rice. There will be plenty of tea leaves left over for you to take home as a souvenir or gift

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Green tea harvesting

located in Kyoto

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